LD3 3-D Image Modeling System:

High quality digital 3-D Image Modeling.  Highly accurate GPS referenced real world scene.  Add/delete/edit functions can be performed from user desktop.  Data could be manipulated at the pixel level.   

3-D highly quality 3-D Image Modeling Software and Scanning Service. This newly innovated 3-D InteliCamera™ and InteliPixel™ (Intelligent Pixel) Technology made the 3-D image modeling highly accurate real life image, and LD3 software made the computer processing capability easy and accurate.

  • GPS reference based Digital Images
  • Creates Real Life Images based on; XYZ coordinates, Digital Image (RGB) Data and Geophysical Position (GPS) information
  • Captures 3-dimensional objects and environments
  • Compatible with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software tools
  • Conduct desktop surveying as if user is at the scene.
  • Ability to gather in depth project data without leaving desktop
  • Ability to click at any point in the picture to know the exact position, location, size, and/or orientation.
  • Ability to add/delete/edit any point or object in the model.
  • Compatible with GSI

Our ISI Team performs scenery or object scanning services by using 3-D InteliCamera™ and InteliPixel™ and produces the real life 3-D image models. 

Data is delivered in digital electronic media format.  This provides you the breakthrough/revolutionary capabilities;

(1) highly accurate GPS referenced real world scenes at user desktop,
(2) Add/Delete functions can be performed from user desktop,
(3) Data could be manipulated at the pixel level. 

Data can be integrated into user CAD tool.  It allows users to work in real world scenes with realism that they can perform functions as if they were personally present at the scene.

This product is positioned to become the new 3-D communication media for multiple application:

 - Roads
 - Public Utilities
 - Real Estate: Residential
 - Commercial Real Estate: Office, Hotels
 - Land Use Planning
 - GIS-Context
 - As-build documentation
 - Crime Scene Investigations
 - Surveillance
 - Defense Training Simulations
 - Land Surveys
 - Landscape Design
 - Engineering
 - Education
 - Homeland Security

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